Pre-midwinter Hike

What's this remind you of? (My first thought was pasta)

What’s this remind you of? (My first thought was pasta)

We were out hiking in our local forest when I can across this beauty.  I have no idea what kind of mushroom/fungus it is (I suppose I could google it, lol) but it was huge!

We were out collecting branches and fallen pine cones for our mantels in the house as mid-winter approaches (and christmas).

The pinecones here in Ireland are VERY heavy.  I was used to the ones we found in the various states I lived in, in the US.  They had more the weight of a household sponge.  These are over a pound/kilo in weight.

Our carry basket got very heavy, very quickly.  However, our mantels have some very lovely greenery this year (including those hefty pinecones).  [don’t worry, we left plenty for the trees to propagate]

The air was so dark and misty (and this was mid-day) that we all had trouble seeing.  As the darkest day arrives, I find that any sunny moment is deeply appreciated.

Today, I woke up to the sun dancing across our very green grass in the back yard.  Of course, the clouds came again, but in the one moment, Joy danced in my heart.


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